Sunday Brunch @ Terra Plata

Just about every Sunday morning me and my boyfriend Chris ask each other the same question when we wake up, “where do you want to eat?”. This is no easy answer. There are so many great choices in each neighborhood throughout the City and we are two of the most indecisive people in the world. Thank god for Eater! Using Eater’s “Seattle Brunch Heatmap”, our choices were immediately narrowed down to 23 of the hottest spots to get brunch right now (

After much deliberation, we decided on Terra Plata in Capitol Hill. Best choice ever.


Located adjacent to Melrose Market on the hill, in a triangular building, this quaint little spot didn’t disappoint. Everything we ate (and drank) was packed with bold flavor and fresh ingredients. Besides saying “mmm” we didn’t talk much during brunch. It was that good. Craft cocktails are offered during brunch, along with an amazing menu of sweets, egg dishes, earth, land and sea dishes with what appeared to be a Spanish influence, and an array of savory sides. We settled on a Manchego Biscuit to start, along with their house Bloody Mary and Pomelo Mimosa. Delicious. The biscuit was definitely big enough for two, super fresh, and served with a side of butter and jam. The Bloody Mary had incredible flavor and was dressed with a hunk of Manchego, a slice of sausage, pickled cauliflower, and a gherkin. The mimosa was made with grapefruit juice, cava, and ginger, and was delicious as well.


For our mains we ordered the roast pork hash with farm vegetables, poached egg, and spanish sauce, and the chimichurri steak and eggs with sirloin steak, roasted potatoes, and sunny eggs. YUM! The seasoning on the chimichurri steak was so flavorful, definitely my favorite dish! The roast pork hash dish was amazing as well. I am all about the sauce, and the spanish sauce in this dish definitely delivered… Get your mind out of the gutter. 😉


Roast Pork Hash


Chimichurri Steak & Eggs

So, to sum it up, if you ever experience indecisiveness in restaurant selection, definitely check out Eater for assistance. They know what they are talking about. Furthermore, brunch at Terra Plata is a must. And afterwards swing on by Melrose Market or do like we did and hit up the Sunday Broadway Farmers Market. Tons of great stuff. We got a gorg bouquet of flowers for only $5!

Oh, and shoutout to Pride day! We ended up missing the parade but loved seeing everyone out showing their support!




Louie’s Last Supper


Anyone with lifetime ties to Ballard knows that Louie’s is a staple in the neighborhood. Open for 37 years, over 3 generations, the property in which Louie’s stands has recently been sold and they will be closing their doors this Sunday. For us sisters, this place is dear to our hearts. Our grandma and grandpa lived in Ballard, in the house our mom grew up in, and we often frequented Louie’s as a family. The BEST Chinese around, with the absolute BEST service. Everytime you walked in those doors you were treated like family, and last night was proof that they still treat you like that to this day.

Last night we had our last supper at our favorite Ballard spot, seated in the center of the room, us sisters in the grand tall backed cushy chairs, in the company of our madre and boyfriends. We ordered the Lily dinner as our mom always ordered for us, complete with pork fried rice, chicken chow mein, deep fried prawns, egg rolls, won ton soup, the list goes on. foodIt was all perfect and just as we remembered it. Family is so important to us and this moment was perfect. We definitely were dragging our heels as we exited the building for the last time.

So, Louie’s, thank you so so much for all of the beyond great memories. We will never forget you and will forever hate the new apartment complex that will take your place. We hope you decide to continue the tradition and open a new restaurant in the future.

And if you’re reading this and have never been….get your butt in there before they close this Sunday June 29!